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Designer Interview Series- MODPARADE

March 3, 2009

I’m starting a new series here on Constant Cravings! I’ll be interviewing some of my favorite designers and sharing their answers with you. Let me know if there’s a designer that you would like to see interviewed, or a questions that you want answered. Drumroll, please…

Modparade is a bastion of cool. Seriously, each of their outfits emotes a certain sunny care-free disposition; not to mention that each article is perfectly accessorized. I want the black-rimmed glasses that one of the model sports. I guess it’s a serious case of fashion lust that led me to modparade. Hope you love this line as much as I do! Be sure to sign up for the modparade mailing list as most items sell out quickly. And now, let’s chat with Fernnice to find out more…

Who founded ModParade? When? Why?
Basically, its me and my mom who founded Modparade =) My mom used to be a fashion designer and she definitely inspired me alot to be in this field since I was little. Modparade was founded during Oct 2007. We did not come a long way, but we definitely put in loads of hard work into it. The reason for having modparade is that me and my mom would like to break through the online market for fashion in Singapore. Being a fashion lover, having modparade is just like working for my passion and hobby the same time. So since my mom loves doing this as well, we are wondering why not and give it a shot! =)

Is ModParade strictly vintage? Do you design any of the clothing?

Modparade is not strictly vintage. Actually modparade is pretty mainstream, with mod and vintage inspired outfits. Under modparade, there is Laura Wee which is a brand we created for the authtentic vintage apparels. Currently, we are working on our own designs of our apparels which will be launched during March =) It’s not only inspired outfits, but we totally design them from scratch.

Where is ModParade available? Online? In stores?
Modparade is available both online and retail. If you know, Modparade currently has a rack at Loft, Haji Lane. The selection there are different from the ones online.

Where are you based?

The sunny tiny island, Singapore!

What inspires you?

Well, I love to drop by kinokuniya to read graphic mag, fashion mag to get some inspiration at times. That definetly helps! Other than that, I will usually buy Nylon, Frankie and Cheeze to get more inspiration in designing and stuffs to bring to the store. Marc Jacob is my biggest inspiration as well! I simply adore him!

What are your passions?

I must say, Fashion & ballet. These are the two things that are my greatest passion in life.

What are you craving right this minute?
I am hoping to own my little retail outlet real soon. Once the recession bugs its over that is!
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