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A Note From Housekeeping

April 19, 2009

CRUSHED., originally uploaded by im_on_tambourine.

In the spirit of spring, I’m trying to get my mind, life and, by extension, Constant Cravings organized. We all know that I love art, accessories and alliteration. Therefore, I’ll be debuting a new series here on Constant Cravings called Accessory Alert. Now I’ll be able to share the pieces that make me gasp in real time and won’t scratch my head wondering how I’m going to jam everything into weekly Etsy Thursdays. Of course, I’ll also share show-stopping accessories from other sources. So a rundown of the series here (just in case you or someone you know wants to send a submission – hint hint!)

Accessory Alert (will be posted as I find ’em!)

Affordable Art (try to post three times a week)

Color Crush (inspiration boards featuring my current faves, posted as soon as my mind changes)

Etsy Thursday (feature a fave shop each week on Thurs)

Flickr Favorite (usually 1-2 posts per week)

Inspiration Boards (trends & other fascinations – post ’em as I see ’em)

*Even if your product or art doesn’t make it into the accessory alert, affordable art or etsy thursday series, there’s a chance I’ll want to include it in a color crush or inspiration board post.

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