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Take A Hike, Dreamkiller!

September 1, 2009
1. You what?, 2. the girl who had everything, 3. Crumptonia Interior 1, 4. eeekkkkkk…..

How do you cope with a dreamkiller? How do you keep yourself from being blanketed by overwhelming sadness? How do you separate the dreamkiller’s intentions and shortcomings from what you want and hope and wish to do? How do I convince myself and truly believe that this isn’t about me?

I don’t want to be a pessimist any longer. So one tactic I’m using is referring back to Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins #1: Learning To Love Yourself podcast. In the words of Gala Darling, “pessimists think that their failures are personal (their fault), pervasive (it’s always like this) & permanent (it’s never going to change).” This type of thinking has done me no good. So, dealing with this dreamkiller (who is a member of my immediate family) will not result in failure. It is not my fault. These circumstances will change. I’m going to choose positivity and hope everything works itself out.

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