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Weekend Plan

September 19, 2009

Above is what I’d like to be wearing (plus skinny jeans!) as I traipse around Princeton today. Hanging out in Princeton – visiting Starbucks, Small World, the Princeton Record Exchange, Winberries, Halo Pub and Palmer Square- always feels like a homecoming of sorts. I went to a girls high school in Princeton and spent a lot of time walking those streets, trying to get to town to grab coffee and back to school within a 40 minute free period and spending friday nights catching a movie at the spring garden theater. Yes, I took off my shoes and walked through the fountain on campus. Yes, I ate a pint of Thomas Sweet ice cream with my best girlfriends. Later, I learned the joys of Alchemist & Barrister. I’m excited to be going to Princeton with a friend who has never been as well as two who have. I’m looking forward to walking the streets, drinking coffee and catching a football game (the last is a new experience for me!). Wishing you all a very happy weekend!

[credits & links available at polyvore.]

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  1. alexkeller permalink
    September 20, 2009 2:51 pm

    i've never been to Princeton, but it sound lovely. and I love the grays of your outfit.

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